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Initial Deposit - BUSD
Total Value Locked(TVL) - BUSD
Total Claimed - BUSD paid out
Referral Rewards (-) - BUSD paid out
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100 BUSD gets you:
Stablefuel: 0
Daily: up to 0 BUSD
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1. Approve BUSD (0 BUSD approved)
2. Deposit BUSD (min 0, max 0). To redeposit while on automation read the F.A.Q.
3. Automate Re-fueling every 12 hours, 250 BUSD minimum initial deposit required to enable. When first enabling automation you will sync up to the automation schedule 2-3 hours after your first re-fuel. Reenabling after disabling automation resets 6-1 progress. (See FAQ)!
Current rewards: ~ -
Estimated daily yield:
To maximize rewards re-fuel within:
0% Tier bonus from ArtemisX
0% ArtemisX loyalty bonus
Re-fuel Multiplier: - Times
Resets after each 6-1 cycle.
Time until next multiplier bonus can be activated:
Current automation day:
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STABLEFUEL rewards up to % of your initial deposit per day, claimeable once per week with 6-1 strategy.
Fully automated re-fueling and claiming (Optional)
% Referral bonus instantly paid in BUSD to your wallet
% Ecosystem tax
Sustainability features:
Hours earnings accumulation cut-Off (so 6-1 cannot be abused).
Mandatory re-fuel feature (~ 6-1 with 2 re-fuels a day)
% tax for early withdrawals that is locked in the TVL.

Benefits if you hold $ArtemisX tokens:
Holding ArtemisX tokens gives extra bonuses in a tiered system (up to 12.1%). Each re-fuel will increase your multiplier bonus by the amount of the tier you are in. E.g. if you are on your 4th re-fuel and have 2000 ArtemisX tokens (Tier 5) you will have a re-fue; bonus of 4%. This bonus is reset when you claim.
*Tier 1: 150 $ArtemisX gives a stacking 0.1% re-fuel bonus with each re-fuel up to 1.1%
*Tier 2: 450 $ArtemisX gives a stacking 0.2% re-fuel bonus with each re-fuel up to 2.2%
*Tier 3: 650 $Artemisx gives a stacking 0.3% re-fuel bonus with each re-fuel up to 3.3%
*Tier 4: 1000 $ArtemisX gives a stacking 0.5% re-fuel bonus with each re-fuel up to 5.5%
*Tier 5: 2000 $ArtemisX gives a stacking 1% re-fuel bonus with each re-fuel up to 11%

An additional stacking 0.1% re-fuel bonus up to 1.1% is given as a loyalty bonus to anyone who holds over 1000 ArtemisX tokens. This loyalty bonus stacks with the above bonus tiers.
Extra referral bonuses based on the number of ArtemisX tokens held, increasing referral bonus to 9.2%!
Part of taxes will be used to buyback $ArtemisX and support the ArtemisX ecosystem
Earnings automation:
MINIMUM INITIAL DEPOSIT OF 250 BUSD REQUIRED! This does not have to be your first deposit as it adds your deposits together. You can enable/disable automation at any time, but it will reset your 6-1 progress.
Scheduled automation moments happen troughout the day. When first enabling automation you will sync up to the automation schedule 2-3 hours after your first refuel would happen, your re-fuel timer will read 00:00:00 during these 2-3 hours of syncing up to the schedule.

Automation will follow the 6+1 strategy: re-fueling for 6 days and claiming automatically on 7th with no withdrawal penalty or gas fees. All fully automatic, no input required. On your 7th day of automation your re-fuel multiplier timer will show 00:00:00 for 12 hours as your full daily rewards build up. Do not disable automation and manually claim on day 7 if you are automated as the current reward BUSD is sent automatically to your wallet.
To deposit additional BUSD after automation is enabled read this part of the F.A.Q..
Automation fee of 1% per re-fuel/claim
Total Deposit Count: -

Initial deposits (including re-fuels) cannot be withdrawn, however your stake will indefinitely accumulate earnings for you as long as there is TVL. Please use the application at your own risk. By depositing, you agree that you have read all the documentation and understand the project and risks. StableFuel will not be responsible for any lost investments.

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